今日は春分。彼岸になると和菓子屋に ぼたもち(おはぎ)が並んでくる。春はぼたもちといい秋はおはぎという。それに桜餅、桜餅には餡を米粒のような皮で包んだ道明寺桜餅と餡を平皮で巻きくるんだ長命寺桜餅がある。どちらも桜餅で関東では長命寺桜餅、関西では道明寺桜餅と呼ぶらしい。季節や場所により呼び名や形も替り いかにも和風の趣き深いことである。
落語家 桂米朝師匠の句 「桜餅 一つ残して 帰りけり  八十八」 御冥福を祈ります。
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At home over dinner Mort told Marshall everything. The pleasure was rekindled in the telling.
<a href=>buy cake online</a> The room was empty. The earth had turned in the last hour putting the far end of the room in shadow. Both suitcases were still there so she must have gone down to the bar, or shopping. What to do? He hadnt even brought an eBook to read. I wonder what she wants me to wear, he muttered, opening the wardrobe and flicking through the dresses. There were nine. Most were flimsy little things with thin shoulder straps and skimpy tops that needed breasts.
A sharp gust of wind ten minutes later dropped a dry twig onto his face from the tree above and he sat up in alarm. A quick glance calmed him, but he was disappointed at how nervous hed become. That was one more thing to take into account. Once more he told himself the Brisbane episode was over. Hed miss Steward, Brawl, and Raul... but they had their own lives and he could never be part of them. That was all in the past. Naked—more or less—hed set forth to see what fate had in store. Not that he believed in fate, but it sounded more romantic than simply to see what happened.

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